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Latest Blog Posts

  • Leveling the Playing Field
    August 09, 2017
    Your yard is a great space for your children to play, hold a family get-together, or plant a garden. But an uneven yard can make any of these events difficult to enjoy. Fortunately, you can sculpt your yard into an ideal living space by installing a retaining wall to level…
  • Introducing the Belvedere Collection
    June 16, 2017
    Inspired by the rolling hills of the English countryside, the Belvedere wall collection replicates the charm of quarried stone with a more natural appearance than traditional manmade products used for backyard landscaping. By retaining a natural feel on each side, the Rosetta Belvedere Collection is ideal for building a retaining…
  • Flagstone Adds Elegance and Beauty to Patios
    May 24, 2017
      The beauty and durability of flagstone make it a natural choice for many people looking to enhance the appearance of their outdoor patio and living space. Flagstone patios provide a natural, organic look with their earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. This popular stone has natural variations…

Retaining Wall Software

Save time with these online retaining wall tools from CornerStone Wall Solutions. These tools will enable you to gain specifics on material estimations, multiple design scenarios, and engineering requirements.


Rules of Thumb

Our Rules of Thumb guide is a great resource to calculate the amount of materials you need for your project based on square feet, square yard, or cubic feet.

Paver Patterns

products accessories paver 90herringbone

90° Herringbone

100% - 6 X 9 Rectangle

products accessories paver 45herringbone

45° Herringbone

100% - 6-9

products accessories paver modified herringbone


25% - 6 X 6 Square, 75% - 6 X 9 Rectangle

products accessories paver running bond

Running Bond

100% - 6 X 9 Rectangle

products accessories paver stack bond

Stack Bond

100% - 6 X 6 Square

products accessories paver ipatter

I Pattern

25% - 6 X 6 Square, 75% - 6 X 9 Rectangle

Download Our Design Guide

The Boxley Hardscapes Design Guide features a wealth of information for all your backyard design needs, like retaining walls, pavers, fire pits, and many other products to sculpt your outdoor project.