July 4th Party Blog PhotoIs there a better holiday to spend in your outdoor living area than the Fourth of July?

In a word, no. Independence Day is a day best spent with family and friends celebrating all of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. And what better place to celebrate than a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space made for just such an occasion?  

Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility ReportThe 2018 Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility report, “Excellence Through Empowerment,” highlights how the company makes a difference – in the community, the environment and among employees. 

Think it costs too much to build with brick?

Think again.

The cost-effective component of brick continues to surprise those who assume such a long-lasting product must cost significantly more than wood, stucco, vinyl or fiber cement.


Are you looking for a unique way to dress up a room or outdoor space?

Thin brick may be just the “wow factor” you’re looking for. Use it indoors or outdoors to add a natural, textured charm to the space. 

$10,000 gift to provide outreach education, quarry field trip programs 

natural stone texture wall

The natural stone texture of this wall constructed by A-Plus Lawn Care blends the hardscape and landscape worlds into one seamless transition between driveway and walkway.

Using concrete masonry units in construction offers excellent value compared to wood and light gauge steel framing due to its low cost and superior performance.

Fireplace 997 x 432

Valentine’s Day is nearing, it’s February 14 – and many couples will be looking for ways to celebrate their love.

Rather than heading out to a restaurant for a meal next to hundreds of strangers, why not do something truly romantic and share a meal, glass of wine or simply a blanket by your outdoor fireplace or firepit?

WaterVA 640 x 287

When the Western Virginia Water Authority wanted to put a new face on its old building, it turned to Hughes & Associates Architects & Engineers to design facing and a plaza deck for the Coulter Building.

Boxley Team 360 11 28 18 997 x 430

Boxley appointed a group of employees from across all business lines to find innovative ways to take Boxley’s corporate citizenship efforts to the next level.

Named Team 360, this group focuses on our four pillars of Corporate Responsibility:

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