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You may have seen it in the line snagging your morning latte: long, thin elegant brick on the coffee shop building. This is architectural brick and it is a major trend in commercial and residential projects.

3 Ideas to Refresh Your Chimney or Fireplace Surround

A beautiful fireplace can make a statement and elevate your space from “so-so,” to stunning. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a fireplace makeover but you’re not sure where to start.  If so, we’ve got great news!  Refreshing your fireplace and chimney makes a great DIY project and can be accomplished with the right products, a little know-how, and some elbow grease.  Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er with a Pinterest board full of ideas, or a novice to home-improvement projects, adding beautiful stone or fireplace brick to your space is within reach.   

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White brick is on track to be one of the hottest home colors in 2022 and it’s easy to see why.  White brick homes offer a modern brick look with an old-world feel.   You can achieve your white brick dream home through either manufactured or painted white brick.  Both have their advantages; it’s up to you to decide which will make the biggest impact in your homes design now and into the future. 

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Do you notice more and more buildings with dark exteriors these days? You’re not imagining things. Black exteriors are growing in popularity, and for good reason.

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Pavers are excellent landscape options for your pool deck, patio or sidewalks. But sometimes, they settle, leaving visible dips where water can pool. Such settled spots are unsightly and can be tripping hazards.

Luckily, fixing these spots is easier than you might think.

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Even people who love their homes sometimes want to shake things up — change the color of the shutters, repaint a wooden home, spruce up the landscaping. If you own a brick home, you might wonder whether painting the brick a new color might make for a refreshing facelift.

paver walkwayAn investment in hardscaping —from pavers to retaining walls — can transform the outside of your home into an inviting outdoor living space. Durable and low maintenance, pavers can be used to create attractive patios, fire pits, driveways and other amenities.

As life and the American economy have slowly begun to return to normal, supply chain deficits and inflation have hit some sectors of the economy harder than others. An example of this is lumber supply, which has seen astronomical price increases.

Brick Stairs and Stoops

Stoop and Step Problems

Numerous problems can develop in the stairs or stoop of a house. Cracks may form in the concrete, or the stoop may begin to pull away from the home. The stairs may also start to sink or settle, which makes the structure unstable and difficult to walk on. These issues are both hazardous for homeowners and may also lower the value of their property.

Brick is back. Home Innovation Research Labs surveyed over 200 builders and found that brick is an increasingly popular choice thanks to its distinctive good looks, durability and safety. Brick exteriors saw back-to-back years of growth in new builds, and continued homebuyer demand means that brick usage will continue to rebound.

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