$10,000 gift to provide outreach education, quarry field trip programs 

natural stone texture wall

The natural stone texture of this wall constructed by A-Plus Lawn Care blends the hardscape and landscape worlds into one seamless transition between driveway and walkway.

Using concrete masonry units in construction offers excellent value compared to wood and light gauge steel framing due to its low cost and superior performance.

Fireplace 997 x 432

Valentine’s Day is nearing, it’s February 14 – and many couples will be looking for ways to celebrate their love.

Rather than heading out to a restaurant for a meal next to hundreds of strangers, why not do something truly romantic and share a meal, glass of wine or simply a blanket by your outdoor fireplace or firepit?

WaterVA 640 x 287

When the Western Virginia Water Authority wanted to put a new face on its old building, it turned to Hughes & Associates Architects & Engineers to design facing and a plaza deck for the Coulter Building.

Boxley Team 360 11 28 18 997 x 430

Boxley appointed a group of employees from across all business lines to find innovative ways to take Boxley’s corporate citizenship efforts to the next level.

Named Team 360, this group focuses on our four pillars of Corporate Responsibility:

WinFirepit 997 x 430

This Thanksgiving, all of us at Boxley Block, Brick & Hardscapes would like to say thank you to all of our customers for your continued loyalty and support of our business. We wouldn’t be the industry leader we have become without the support of each and every one of you.

New Project

So it’s time to build your dream home.

Among the multitude of choices that one must make in making this dream residence become reality is the material with which it will be constructed. For many, the choice may come down to two materials: brick or fiber cement board.

Here, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each, helping you make the right decision for you and your family.

Boxleyhomepage 997 x 430

Boxley is doing big things.

The launch of its brand-new website, www.boxley.com, brings you everything you need to know about all things Boxley. The easy-to-use site allows for quick navigation among all of our products, with pages dedicated to our products: aggregate; asphalt; block, brick and hardscapes; concrete; and slate.

Fall Garden 998 x 429

Although many may think of spring and summer as the prime gardening seasons, October and fall bring with them a host of opportunities to make your vegetation prosper all year long.

The cooler temperatures of the season open up a world of possibilities for your garden, lawn, trees and shrubs and flower beds. Soil can be prepared, grasses can be split up, perennials can be transplanted, or you can grow fall vegetables. If you prefer to let nature help nourish your landscape, mulch the fallen leaves as a free and natural cover for your lawn.

Here are a number of ways you can take advantage of the festive fall season to improve your softscape:

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