Cozy Up To An Outdoor Fireplace, Get In On The Winnings

January 28, 2019

Fireplace 997 x 432

Valentine’s Day is nearing, it’s February 14 – and many couples will be looking for ways to celebrate their love.

Rather than heading out to a restaurant for a meal next to hundreds of strangers, why not do something truly romantic and share a meal, glass of wine or simply a blanket by your outdoor fireplace or firepit?

To help supply you with the ingredients needed for a romantic meal at home, we are having a contest for a $25 gift card to The Fresh Market. To enter, simply like and share our post on the Boxley Block, Brick & Hardscapes Facebook page between January 28 and February 8. The winner will be selected and announced on February 11.

For your reading pleasure, Boxley Block, Brick & Hardscapes offers the following reasons staying in is your best option on this mid-February day meant to celebrate love and affection:

  1. Cooking together is romantic: While it may taste good, ordering up an overpriced calamari appetizer and porkchops in a chatter-filled dining room is not what we would call romantic. However, making a meal together and sitting down to enjoy it at a candle-lit table in the privacy of your home? Now that’s romantic! Here is a favorite dish of ours, try it out– Tomato Spinach Chicken Pasta. Pair the dish with a Chardonnay, Pinot, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.
  2. Nature makes the perfect backdrop: Whether you eat outside or not, a warm, crackling fire in the great outdoors is the perfect spot to cozy up and simply spend time with the person you most want to be with – February 14 or any day.
  3. Enjoy your investment in your home: You purchased your outdoor fireplace or firepit to use for just this situation, right? Enjoying the fire next to your significant other will make you feel good about investing in this type of entertaining space at home – no need to go out and spend more money. 

Remember to visit our Facebook page, like and share this post to be entered into the drawing for a gift card to The Fresh Market. Your date will thank you for it!