Design Trend: White Brick

April 27, 2022

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White brick is on track to be one of the hottest home colors in 2022 and it’s easy to see why.  White brick homes offer a modern brick look with an old-world feel.   You can achieve your white brick dream home through either manufactured or painted white brick.  Both have their advantages; it’s up to you to decide which will make the biggest impact in your homes design now and into the future. 

Natural White Brick

Natural white brick are bricks are made white during the manufacturing process. They maintain the look and texture of natural brick and while offering a spectrum of shades and textures. You can choose your desired coverage, or how white the brick looks on the wall, from our very white Sandy Shore brick to our rustic Bradford Hall Tudor.

Advantages of Natural White Brick

  • Natural bricks are delivered white, saving you time and money on building projects.
  • Natural white brick will maintain their color; there’s no need to worry about fading.
  • You’ll save thousands of dollars on painting and maintenance in contrast to painted brick.

Considerations for Natural White Brick

  • Mortar makes up 20% of the finished wall so choose carefully as it can dramatically enhance your white brick finish.
  • Natural white brick is best for new builds rather than existing homes.


Painted White Brick

Painted brick is just what the name implies: natural brick that has been painted. Painted brick offers a modern polish and is a straightforward way to give an existing home a facelift. When done right, painted brick can be an excellent option for giving brick a fresh, white finish.

Advantages of Painted White Brick

  • If you’re looking for 100% white, uniform finish, painting is the way to go
  • Painted brick makes white finished more achievable for existing homes.

Considerations for Painted White Brick

  • Painted brick needs maintenance so additional costs to repaint in the future are likely.
  • If you’re planning to paint a new build, choose bricks specifically designed to be painted.
  • Do not use acrylic paint as it can trap moisture and cause staining and freeze/thaw damage. Instead, use durable, breathable mineral paint
  • If you already live in a brick home, assess if your brick can be painted. Only well-fired, uncoated bricks should be painted for long term durability. 

A timeless, white brick home is within your reach and we’re here to help you achieve it. Gather some inspiration from our partners at General Shale and Pine Hall, and contact us to get started today.