Pavers are the Answer to Muddy Paws

February 27, 2014

Whether it is the four paws of the family dog or the muddy boots of the family, at Boxley Hardscape we know the challenges you face with the spring thaw. From small pathways to large scale patios, concrete pavers are an easy and immediate solution for any outdoor space. Family and guests will no longer be forced to traverse muddy patches and wet grass — instead they will be greeted with a welcoming accent to the entry to your home.

With so many options on the market, we also understand how overwhelming the planning process can be. From simple herringbone patterns to complex customized designs, our showroom staff can help you focus your vision and determine the perfect material for your outdoor space. We understand time and budgets too. With a wide selection of pavers on site and ready to deliver, Boxley is the perfect resource to streamline your project — allowing you more time to enjoy life and less time cleaning up muddy tracks!

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