Why Block is a Good Insurance Investment

August 28, 2019

CMU Building997x430

In addition to its versatile design features, did you know that building with block can save on insurance?

It’s true – because of durability, strength, and resilience; choosing CMU as your building material pays off when it’s time to pay the insurance bill.

It’s a simple rationale: The stronger, more structurally sound your building material, the better insurance rates you can expect.

Insurance carriers have plenty of reasons to look at block buildings differently than other materials. When looking at a property, insurance underwriters consider all of the risks and how much money it could cost in the case of unforeseen damage – whether due to a storm, fire, pests or deterioration over time. All of the following properties of CMU can result in lower premiums and better terms for building owners:

  1. No maintenance needed: Other materials are going to wear down over time by the elements: wind, rain, snow, heat and cold. Not the case with block – its protection against water and moisture intrusion means there isn’t the deterioration of other materials.
  2. Resistive nature: To put it simply, block resists problems – whether those problems are caused by severe weather, a fire. Keeping those problems outside of the structure’s four walls keeps costs down.
  3. Structural integrity: CMU can be used in conjunction with all types of roofing systems, with highly rated load bearing capacity in supporting roofs and additional floors. Block’s cavities are perfect spaces for vertical steel reinforcement. For these reasons, concrete masonry is a logical choice for government, military, industrial and commercial properties where longevity is required.
  4. Free from fire risk: Fires are among the most unpredictable forces of nature and can strike virtually anywhere, but masonry does not burn. Block fire walls protect property and human life, able to withstand up to four hours of fire exposure. This ability results in lower insurance premiums.

To learn more about how Boxley Block, Brick and Hardscape Center can put you on the path to better insurance deals with a block building, contact us today.