Carriage Stone™

A 4-piece paver system means more ways to show your creativity. With Carriage Stone™ pavers, you can design a totally random pattern with all of the different sizes on one pallet. This product, only available in a tumbled finish with a dimpled surface, will add warmth, style and ambiance to any outdoor environment.

Carriage Stone™ – Colors

Riverbed Beige


Coastal Tan




Carriage Stone™ – Block Units

Carriage stone small block unit.

Small Rectangle

Carriage stone large block unit.


Carriage stone medium block unit.

Small Square

Carriage stone large twelve by twelve block unit.

Large Square

Carriage stone medium six by nine block unit.


Carriage Stone™ – Specifications

Unit Size Height Length Width Sq. Ft. / Pallet Pieces/Pallet Weight/Pallet
 Small Rectangle  3"  6"  23/8" 110  80 2939 lbs
 Small Square
 6"  6"  23/8"  80
 Rectangle  6"  9"  23/8"  120
 Square  9"  9"  23/8"  50
 Large Square  12"  12"  23/8"  54