English Cobble™ 4-Piece

Our English Cobble™ 4-piece gives you the ability to lay pavers in a totally random pattern with all of the different sizes in one pallet. With a myriad of design options,this system can provide a wide variety of appearances. The soft, weathered feel of this unique product works well on walkways, pool decks and even driveways.

English Cobble™ 4-Piece– Colors

Riverbed Beige


Coastal Tan





English Cobble™ 4-Piece – Block Units

Image of english cobble four piece pavers.

Small Unit - 6 x 10”

English Cobble™ 4-Piece – Specifications

Unit Size Height Length Width Pieces/Pallet
 Small Unit  3"  6"  23/8" 80
 Medium Unit  6"  6"  23/8" 80
 Medium Unit  6"  9"  23/8" 120
 Large Unit  9"  9"  23/8" 50