English Cobble™

While the shapes and sizes are similar to Classic Cobble™, the English Cobble™ unit has a tumbled finish that resembles old cobbles that have been weathered for years. Its antiqued surface and edges lend a soft look and a feel of timeless sophistication to any project.

English Cobble™ – Colors

Riverbed Beige


Coastal Tan





English Cobble™ – Block Units

Image of enlish cobble six by six paver.
Image of english cobble six by nine paver.

Small Unit - 6 x 6”

Large Unit - 6 x 9”


English Cobble™ – Specifications

Unit Size Height Length Width Sq. Ft. / Pallet
4- Piece Bundle        110
 Small Unit  6"  6"  23/8"  113
 Large Unit 6"  9"  23/8"  120