Terrace Stone™

A slate-faced, three-piece slab system, Terrace Stone™ is designed to be laid either as a standard paver, or as a permeable pavement system. Each pallet contains three sizes, allowing you to lay a variety of random patterns.

Terrace Stone™ – Colors

Sandstone Blend

Desert Blend


Terrace Stone™ – Block Units

Image of Terrace Stone three piece unit paver.

3-Piece Unit

Terrace Stone™ – Specifications

Unit Size Height Length Width Sq. Ft. / Pallet Pieces/Pallet Weight/Pallet
3- Piece         124    2983 lbs
 Small Unit  43/4"  91/2"  23/8"   110
 Medium Unit  91/2"  91/2"  23/8"   70
 Large Unit  91/2"  141/4"  23/8"   50