Rustico Series 4-Piece Paver Combo

With a slightly dimpled surface with chamfered edges, Nicolock's Rustico 4-piece paver combo series is designed to be laid in a random pattern or country 4-piece combo. Each pallet contains four unit sizes and covers 117 square feet. Great for patios, driveways, walkways, and borders for any outdoor living space.

Rustico 4-piece – Colors

Adobe Blend

Granite City Blend

Charcoal Blend


Golden Brown Blend

Rustico 4-piece – Block Units

3x6 Rustico Paver Unit

3x6 Unit

6x6 Rustico Paver Unit

6x6 Unit

6x9 Rustico Paver Unit

9x13 Unit

9x9 Rustico Paver Unit

9x13 Unit

Rustico 4-piece – Specifications

Height Length Thickness Sq. Ft. / Pallet Pieces/Pallet Weight/Pallet
3"  6"   2 3/8" 117  100 3,508 lbs
6"  6"  23/8" 100
6" 9"  23/8" 100
9" 9"  23/8" 40