3 Ideas to Refresh Your Chimney or Fireplace Surround

3 Ideas to Refresh Your Chimney or Fireplace Surround

Thin Brick

If you’re looking for something classic yet affordable, then thin brick is for you. Thin brick offers the same texture, size, and look of real brick because it is real brick–just real brick cut thinly.  You can achieve an exposed brick look for your home without the cost and hassle of a full renovation.  Thin brick is installed like tiling and can be accomplished in as little as weekend.  Plus, you can choose from a range of colors and textures to fully personalize your project.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer is designed from real stone for an authentic look and feel, but engineered in more uniform shape and size to make installation straightforward. Plus, manufactured stone veneer combines the beauty of a natural stone look with clean, sophisticated lines. You can choose from a range of products to give your space a rustic elegance customized to your style and budget. 

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is an excellent choice that gives you the look of a real stone hearth at a fraction of the cost. Natural stone is quarried stone cut thinly, so installing it on your existing fireplace is simple. Because it’s real stone, natural stone veneer offers beautiful, organic variations in size and shape that are perfect for bringing a bit of the outdoors to your indoor space. 

If you’re ready to give your fireplace a facelift, we can help you find the perfect new brick or stone look for your fireplace surround and chimney.  Learn more about the Dutch Quality Stone products we carry.