Arriscraft Building Stone

From the classic lines of Laurier to the tumbled texture of Cumberland, Arriscraft Building Stone creates a lasting impression that fits the needs of a variety of architectural styles.

Full Bed Stone

Ranging in thickness from 3″-6″, this classic type of masonry reminds many of the elegance seen with cathedrals, castles, and even ancient roadways. Builders look to full bed stone when creating beautiful structures that needs to last a lifetime and beyond.


by Arriscraft

With the rich appearance of limestone, this masonry unit features natural colors and a variety of finishes. Its simple lines allow for ultimate creativity.


by Arriscraft

By combining robust sizes and a weathered finish to deliver old-world appeal, builders rely on this block for creating classical designs.


by Arriscraft

This block has unparalleled beauty and elegance, making it ideal for flooring, patios or stair tread applications.

Thin Stone

If you’re looking to capture an old world look inside your home or business, thin bed stone is the way to go. These stones give your space a unique look rarely seen anywhere else except centuries-old structures that people still admire today.

Arris-clip Renaissance®

by Arriscraft

Easily installed using a cladding system, these thin units are clipped to a substrate using a pre-engineered channel system.

Arris-tile Renaissance®

by Arriscraft

Being used to create classic interior and exterior designs, this block is similar to thin brick and can adhere to solid substrates.

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