Lay a foundation to enjoy the great outdoors

Durable, stylish and versatile, our pavers have countless outdoor applications. Our selection includes “old world” pavers for an elegant walkway, all the way to modern concrete patio pavers for a sleek industrial look.

Keystone Pavers

Lay a foundation that not only improves the value and aesthetic appeal of your home, but one that invites you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors. Keystone’s premium pavers can transform your patio and outdoor living space. With classic shapes, bold colors and distinctive textures, you set the stage for backyard parties, cookouts or just plain relaxing… for years to come.

Nicolock Pavers

With Nicolock paving stones, the outdoor space of your dreams is closer than ever. Whether it’s a custom patio, a predesigned outdoor brick fire pit or anything else that can be fabricated from pavers, Nicolock stones will deliver the rich, vibrant, long-lasting color any landscape design project should have.

Clay Brick Pavers

The firing process produces a range of colors to help you create the look and feel you want to achieve with your patio and outdoor living space. Clay pavers come in a variety of weights, shapes and cuts to better withstand the various environments they may face outside your home or business and can also be situated multiple ways to create unique designs and patterns.

We Make it Easy!

Reaching the right Boxley representative to assist you with your block, brick, or hardscape needs is easy. Visit our contact us page and our team is just a phone call or click away.