Architectural Block

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, architectural block is the key to building a long-lasting industrial structure that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Trendstone Plus®

by Echelon

One-step installation and a maintenance-free finish make this architectural block easy to use and maintain. The naturally colored aggregates also make this block beautiful while a smooth terrazzo finish gives these filled and polished ground face masonry units the endurance many builders seek.

Structural Glazed Tile

by Elgin Butler

Commonly referred to as Glazed Block, this material is a ceramic glazed hollow masonry unit, used for loadbearing and non-loadbearing wall applications. Common uses include: structural walls, partition walls, multi-wythe walls or veneers. SGTs can also be custom ordered to fit your specific needs.

Quik-Brik® Traditional

by Echelon

This architectural block provides the look and feel of traditional brick veneers without the high costs and time-consuming installation process. This block provides highly revered aesthetics or durability that fit the needs of most structures. Quik-Brik also has long-standing history of being dependable.

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