Add Enduring Richness to Your Next Design Project with Arriscraft

Add Enduring Richness to Your Next Design Project with Arriscraft

Arriscraft Building Stone does all of this and more. You can select from a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and finishes to compliment your next design project or customize your designs for the exact look you need. These stones add richness and depth in styles ranging from classic to modern, creating the powerful finishing touch you need for a look that will endure for centuries.   

Arriscraft Building Stones

Arriscraft stones can be easily applied outdoors and indoors and come in a wide variety of styles. Select from heavily textured stones for a natural appearance or clean facades for a more linear, architectural look. They can be fully textured on all sides or made in flat-backed designs for easy application along interior walls. How you use them is up to you.

Some popular ways of using these stones include:

With the wide range of design options and the ability to customize designs to suit your exact needs, Arriscraft makes it easy to bring the classic beauty and rich look of stone to your next design.

Full Bed and Thin Bed Stones:

Arriscraft offers both full bed stone and thin bed stone options, allowing you to extend your creativity indoors and out.

Full Bed Stones

Full bed stones feature a natural edge on all sides in sizes from 3” — 6” thick. It provides a classic and enduring look reminiscent of older, grand structures in Europe and the east coast, similar to those used on cathedrals and castles, banks, and railway stations.

Renaissance® Masonry Units

These masonry units offer the beauty and richness of limestone with the benefit of a wide range of colors and finishes. The options of flat and textured surfaces create a clean, calm appearance for building or home style. 

Cumberland Building Stones

Cumberland stones are large-patterned designs with a solid and enduring look in weathered finishes for a more authentic appearance reminiscent of traditional stone. These stones are ideal for classic designs.

Adair® Blocks

The beauty and elegance of Adair blocks are perfect for clean applications such as flooring, patios or stair treads. If you prefer a more natural look, Quarried Adair® Limestone Masonry Units offer smooth, rocked and split-faced finishes that enhance the natural limestone patterns.

Thin Bed Stone

Thin bed stones create a grounded look indoors or outdoors with ease. You get the same look as full bed stones but with the benefit of a flat surface along one side for lighter weight and easier application along walls. It creates deep, rich, engaging interiors for added depth in a home.

ARRIS·clip Renaissance® Units

These units are both beautiful and easy to install thanks to a revolutionary cladding system that adheres to the substrate by way of a pre-engineered channel system.

ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Units

The thin ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Units are a preferred material for classic interior designs and work equally well as exterior applications. They are easy to install, attaching in a similar method as brick.

With so many designs to offer, Arriscraft is an ideal material to add richness to your next design project. To learn more about the full range of Arriscraft products and how we can customize designs to fit your exact needs, contact us today!