Concrete Masonry Units: The World’s Safest Building Material

Concrete Masonry Units: The World’s Safest Building Material

Concrete masonry units are derived from the same philosophies that the Romans used. The technology has improved over the last two millennia, but the idea is the same: build with concrete masonry units for safe structures that can withstand almost anything for centuries.

The Surge in Popularity

Architects, designers, engineers, and builders are increasingly turning to concrete masonry units to meet their clients’ needs. Whether the final building will be for residential, commercial, or industrial use, if it is designed with concrete masonry units, it will be a safe, resilient, low-maintenance structure with low-upkeep costs that will last for many decades.

Concrete masonry units (or CMUs) provide incomparable durability and longevity. Timber can be susceptible to mold, rot, and unwanted pests, and metal can rust or corrode. CMUs are designed with endurance and resilience in mind. Concrete masonry buildings offer premiere safety that is unobtainable with other materials. They can withstand weather, natural disasters, and even human threats.

Longevity and Durability

Modern concrete masonry units, like their ancient predecessors, are made from a mix of water, aggregate, and cement molded into a solid block as hard as stone and just as tough. They are designed to exceed the required compressive strength.

No other building material is as strong and durable as CMUs. Due to their ability to withstand rust, rot, or burn, concrete masonry buildings can last up to 100 years without compromising structural integrity. They also protect investments in sustainability and environmental standards during construction.

Building Better Commercial Buildings and Residential Homes

Researchers have been comparing the cost of concrete masonry units to other popular building materials. They discovered that masonry costs were similar to – and often cheaper than – other popular building materials.

In addition to being competitively priced to other building materials, concrete masonry sets itself apart from the competition with energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, sustainability, and green building properties. Concrete pays for itself over the course of its lifetime, offering savings that other materials simply cannot match.

Choose Concrete for Maximum Benefits

Concrete masonry units are the building material of choice for those who want maximum durability, longevity, safety, and comfort at a reasonable price. Architects and designers have embraced CMUs for their versatility and ability to meet building requirements in all environments.

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