Design Trend: Black Brick

Design Trend: Black Brick

Black is a striking color choice that telegraphs luxury and elegance for eye-catching curb appeal. Brick manufacturers have taken notice and created different, sizes, textures, shades of black brick to suit the specific needs of your project.

Black Brick for Your Business

If you’re thinking about the design for your next commercial project, look no further than black brick. Black is often utilized to communicate sophistication, timelessness, and strength. 

Plus, black is a bold neutral boasting an impressive array of shades. Creating a classic look for your commercial project that harmonizes well with many different colors and styles is easy with black brick.  

Black Brick for Your Home

Black brick offers the elevated color without the maintenance and costs associated with painted brick, making it a perfect choice for homeowners too.

To keep up with demand, most brick manufactures have developed black brick for residential customers. Manufacturers like General Shale and Taylor Clay have wonderful products to create the stylish house of your dreams. 

Maybe you’re dreaming of a crisp and streamlined home or perhaps you want bold and dramatic with pops of color.  Black brick offers endless options to suit your personality and taste.

Black Brick for Style & Reliability

Building with brick has a multitude of benefits including durability, energy efficiency, and lower insurance costs. Not to mention, brick is endlessly customizable. When you build with brick, you can rest easy knowing you’ve selected a reliable, long-lasting material for your customers or family. 

Choosing black brick will provide the perfect look for your project to make it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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