Design Trend: White Brick

Design Trend: White Brick

Natural White Brick

Natural white brick are bricks are made white during the manufacturing process. They maintain the look and texture of natural brick and while offering a spectrum of shades and textures. You can choose your desired coverage, or how white the brick looks on the wall, from our very white Sandy Shore brick to our rustic Bradford Hall Tudor.

Advantages of Natural White Brick

Considerations for Natural White Brick

Painted White Brick

Painted brick is just what the name implies: natural brick that has been painted. Painted brick offers a modern polish and is a straightforward way to give an existing home a facelift. When done right, painted brick can be an excellent option for giving brick a fresh, white finish.

Advantages of Painted White Brick

Considerations for Painted White Brick

A timeless, white brick home is within your reach and we’re here to help you achieve it. Gather some inspiration from our partners at General Shale and Pine Hall, and contact us to get started today.