Enhancing Your Outdoor Seating

Enhancing Your Outdoor Seating

Extra space for seating

Many of us make a swimming pool, fire pit or outdoor grill the centerpiece of our hardscape. But if you have more than one of these elements, be sure to leave plenty of room for seating. This way, multiple groups can enjoy the different elements of out outdoor living space.

Wall seating

A short retaining wall can often double as a seat, but you can also include a build-in bench on taller walls. This is ideal if you have a large backyard and want to enjoy the different section of your yard without buying extra lawn furniture.

Ring of Fire

Fire pits are a popular addition to many patios; why not install built-in seating around it? This addition adds a unique look few others have, and all-weather pillows and cushions can add color and comfort to this arrangement.

Multipurpose seating

Many kitchens have bar seating that can double as a place to eat and to home chef. If you have built-in fire-pit or grill, you can duplicate this idea outdoors. It’ll bring a whole new feeling to your next cookout.

Seat with a view

If your patio or pool deck overlooks a beautiful nature scene, add seating that lets visitors enjoy it. A strategically placed bench can make it easy to sit and talk as you enjoy your outdoor oasis. 

If you would like to incorporate one of these ideas at your Lynchburg or Roanoke, VA area home, contact Boxley Hardscapes today!