Fall Into Good Gardening Habits

Fall Into Good Gardening Habits

Transplant Time

October is an ideal time to start the process of moving trees and shrubs to their new home in your yard. Ideally, you will root prune this month and wait to move the plant four weeks later. Doing so gives woody ornamentals an opportunity to recuperate before transportation and promotes small feeder roots near the trunk – these allow the plant to adapt more effectively in its new spot.

A few root pruning tips:

Get Houseplants Ready For Winter

If you gave your houseplants a vacation outside this summer, it’s time to make the trek back inside. If they grew significantly in their exterior digs, prune them back a bit, removing dead stems and leaves. Use clippers on woody stems. If the roots are growing out of the drainage holes or up to the surface of the soil, it’s time for a larger pot – opt for one just a size larger than the former one. Prevent pests from making their way inside the home by spraying the plant gently with a garden hose and a light wipe with a sponge. 

Make Your Beds

October is the perfect time to prepare new garden beds for next spring. Try these tips:

Plant Your Veggies

Cool-season crops to plant include spinach, collards, lettuce and cilantro. If the fall is dry, give them a good drink before the winter hits to ensure they have a solid foundation for the winter hibernation.