Four Leaf Clovers + Cobblestone

Four Leaf Clovers + Cobblestone

Classic Cobble™ pavers are easy to use and allow for a diversity of designs.
Soft rounded corners provide an Old World feel.

Permeable paving stones provide stability and strength to any surface. They are an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing way to solve water run off issues.

EdgeStone pavers are the perfect product to trim a mulch bed or curb a walkway.

English Cobble™ pavers are tumbled to provide the historic charm
of cobbles that have weathered for years.

If you need a bit more inspiration, visit one of our beautiful showrooms in Roanoke and Lynchburg – or just give us a call with your order. We promise to have it in stock and ready to deliver. It’s the Boxley Way.

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