How to Design the Perfect Patio

How to Design the Perfect Patio

your patio, use it as family space, or have a simple, relaxing space outside. Deciding how you will use your patio will help you determine the design, location and materials needed.

Location is key

Once you decide what you will use your patio for, this will help you choose a location. If you are looking to host guests regularly, you probably want to have it next to your house so you have easy access to the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms. If you are looking for a private relaxation zone, you may want to consider a more secluded section of the yard.

Size is as important as location

The size of your patio will determine how many people can enjoy it at one time. This may sound obvious, but people often underestimate how large their patio should be. Though there are no guidelines for determining how large your patio should be, make sure you have plenty of room to use it as you’ve envisioned.

Make it look great

Curved edges, landscaping and color can all make your patio look more visually appealing. Keep in mind that you want this space to be appealing both on the outside and from inside your home, as well. These design considerations can make a patio feel homier when you are outside enjoying it, and add a nice backdrop for rooms facing your backyard.

Add something extra

Fireplaces, fountains and lighting are just some of the ways you can make your patio more useful and welcoming. These extras should also enhance the experience you are looking to enjoy on your patio, so be sure to plan carefully and accordingly.

For ideas of how you can create the perfect patio to match your style and needs, look at our Design Guide and get started today.