Incorporate Hardscapes Into Your Landscaping

Incorporate Hardscapes Into Your Landscaping

In Harmony With Your Home

You’ll want to ensure the hardscaping matches or complements the exterior of your home, helping it appear as one cohesive unit. Consider using similar stones or bricks in your hardscaping that are is also featured on your house.

Embrace Your Curves

Try to include curves and rounded edges into your hardscape designs. An excess of straight lines can have an unnatural effect. You want the landscape to feel unplanned but naturally beautiful.

A Sense of Function

Hardscapes are about function as much as they are fashion. They can prevent hill erosion and have a significant impact on the landscape’s drainage. Make drainage plans so you have neither standing water nor water-deprived areas in your design.

Small Space, Big Design

You don’t need to have a palatial space to benefit from hardscaping. Go vertical with raised planters, or use low retaining walls that can double as extra seating space in a small backyard. 

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