Is Brick Really Affordable?

Is Brick Really Affordable?

Residential brick costs

If you’re in the market for purchasing or building a home, look no further than brick for the most efficient building material on the market. To save money upfront, you may be tempted to choose a wood frame home. But residential brick offers lower insurance premiums, better energy efficiency, and higher resale value. Plus, brick is fire resistant and requires virtually no maintenance. Compare that to vinyl siding which requires annual cleanings and intermittent repairs and replacement.  

Additionally, while brick may cost slightly more than wood upfront, the cost isn’t prohibitive. You might be surprised to learn that the national average brick cost is only 2% more expensive than wood. When you add up the savings you’ll accrue through lower insurance premiums, lower energy bills and lack of maintenance costs, brick is the clear winner!

Commercial brick costs

Brick’s versatility extends from residential to commercial too. While the building’s functional requirements might be different than residential, commercial brick still outperforms the competition. Buildings constructed with brick and concrete masonry units cost less than precast concrete, metal panel curtain walls and class panel curtain walls while still providing safety and durability to the humans inside.

When starting a building project, you may face pressure to cut costs wherever you can find them. But remember, investing in brick will save you money in the long term while providing a safe, beautiful environment for your family or business.

Get Inspired

Brick is affordable. It’s also the secure and attractive option for your new residential or commercial property. Boxley Block, Brick & Hardscapes believes in delivering quality on every job so you can rely on the quality of products. Browse our project showcase to find brick inspiration for your next project.