Lay A Great Foundation with Keystone Pavers: A Look at Benefits and Features

walkway made of Keystone Pavers

We all know that spending time outdoors can bring big benefits to our health and quality of life. Being outdoors can lower stress, reduce tension, and improve sleep. But if you don’t have a comfortable outdoor space, it can make spending time outdoors a challenge. 

Move your indoors outside with Keystone pavers. Creating a beautiful outdoor space improves the value and aesthetic of your home and makes getting outdoors effortless. And Keystone offers pavers in a wealth of shapes, styles, and features. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful paver patio, charming garden path, or creative hardscape feature, Keystone pavers have the products you need.

The Benefits of Keystone Pavers

Keystone pavers are a top choice for homeowners because they strike the perfect balance of form and function. With Keystone pavers, you’ll never have to choose between durability and aesthetics for your hardscape or paver patio because they offer it all. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing keystone pavers.

    Features of Keystone Pavers

    Keystone pavers will help you level up your paver game with their classic shapes, bold colors, and distinctive textures. At Boxley Block, Brick, and Hardscapes, we carry a line of 9 premium Keystone pavers to transform your outdoor living space into a place where life can happen beautifully. 

    Terrace Stone™ is like a puzzle made of slate-faced slabs, offering three pieces that fit together seamlessly. You can use it as a regular paver or get creative with a permeable pavement setup. With every pallet, you’ll find three sizes, giving you the freedom to play around and create charming, random patterns

    York Tile™ a slate-faced slab that’s perfect for those wanting a bigger, bolder look compared to standard pavers. It’s one of our top-of-the-line products, boasting a vintage slate texture for added character. With each pallet, you’ll get three different sizes, making it easy to create unique, random patterns. Just a heads up, though: York Tile™ isn’t recommended for vehicles.

    Classic Cobble™ our crowd-favorite paver is available in 6 x 6 and 6 x 9 sizes. It’s a breeze to use and offers endless design possibilities. With its gentle, rounded corners and a plush “pillow top” surface, Classic Cobble™ exudes an enchanting Old-World charm. While the two sizes are sold separately, they often team up to create captivating patterns that catch the eye.

    Classic Cobble 4pc™ gets all the style of the classic cobble in extra bold sizing. This 4-piece system allows you to easily lay pavers in a random pattern as all the different sizes are in one pallet. The larger scale pavers and random look lend a rustic flair to your outdoor space.

    4 pc Alleyway Cobble™ Meet Alleyway Cobble™, the paver that embodies the timeless look of weathered granite slabs. Crafted with a natural stone-cleft finish and rounded edges, this 4-piece system brings an authentic touch to any project. Whether used as a standard paver or in a permeable interlocking concrete pavement setup, Alleyway Cobble™ promises durability and charm.

    Aqua Flo™ Step into the world of Aqua-Flo™, a classic permeable paver unit sporting a sleek 5”x10” profile. This versatile rectangular paver opens the door to a variety of patterns, from classic running bond to intricate herringbone or even a modern stack bond layout. 

    Enviro Flo™ Enviro-Flo™ marries aesthetics with functionality in a traditional-looking permeable paver. Designed to meet stringent stormwater management requirements, its rectangular shape and sturdy herringbone pattern make it a smart choice for pedestrian-friendly and even vehicular applications.

    Turfblock Turfblock is your go-to solution for permeable paving needs. With its thick, square design featuring open grids, it allows water to flow through, making it perfect for overflow parking, fire lanes, erosion control, and more. Fill the voids with drainage aggregate for maximum infiltration or soil to let greenery flourish.

    CopingStone™ Finish off your outdoor space with our CopingStone™ unit, designed to add a smooth, graceful edge to your patio or steps. Whether it’s for swimming pools, step treads, deck overhangs, or wall caps, CopingStone™ brings a touch of elegance to every application.

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