Leveling the Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field


Uneven terrains can wreck-havoc on your patio, especially if it’s made of brick. Solve this problem by incorporating a retaining wall into the design of your patio. These walls are great backdrops and the excess dirt they hold back can be used to plant flowers and small shrubs. 


Instead of having a sloped yard after installing an inground pool, place leftover dirt behind a retaining walls and plant exotic shrubbery to create an outdoor oasis. Depending on how much dirt you have, you may even be able to plant tall landscaping that can give you added privacy while you enjoy your pool.  

Entertainment areas

An uneven lawn makes it challenging to enjoy common outdoor games such as cornhole and croquet, and can also be a tripping hazard for children. Level out your yard and install a retaining wall to hold back surplus dirt. For families with kids, a retaining wall also serves as a great backstop when playing games such as baseball.

Steep drop-offs

Does your yard quickly slope down to your front sidewalk? Use a retaining wall to level-out this area. Not only does this even-out your yard, it also adds curb appeal to your home.

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