Paver Patio vs Concrete Patio

Paver Patio vs Concrete Patio


Installing a paver patio requires a little patience. Starting with a level surface, each paver is laid individually and tightly to avoid gaps. After the pavers are laid, apply polymeric sand to the surface of the pavers and use a broom to move the sand into the gaps between the pavers. This will reduce shifting and help prevent weeds from growing between the pavers. 

A concrete patio also requires a level surface and a form frame around all the edges. The concrete is poured into the form and needs to set for 3-4 days to fully harden.


Paver patios require very little maintenance. All you need to do is sweep to keep it clear of debris and spray it down at the beginning and end of each season you use it. You may also want to brush new sand in between the joints from time to time to prevent shifting. If a paver does crack, you can easily replace it without compromising the rest of the patio surface. 

Concrete patios are a different story. As with a paver patio, you should sweep regularly and hose down the surface at the beginning and end of each season, but repairs are much more demanding. Cracks can easily form if the ground shifts. The cracks can be patch filled, but the only way to restore the surface to its original state is to replace the entire slab. 

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