Paving the Way to a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Paving the Way to a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Newline Pavers

Newline’s premium line of pavers feature different sizes of pavers to allow for a more customized, unique look.

Terrace Stone™ is a slate-faced, three-piece system that can be laid as a standard or permeable pavement system, filtering water safely into the soil. Newline’s most popular paver is the Classic Cobble™, available in 6” x 6” and 6” x 9” units, adds an Old World feel to any space.

Eagle Bay Pavers

This line from Eagle Bay boasts a versatile array of options, feeling right at home in both modern and traditional spaces of different sizes.

GrandCay Textured adds styles to driveways, patios and poolside space with a textured finish and five-piece paver system that adds depth and character. BrikStone is a premier choice that’s very popular with designers for its versatility of colors and applications. A single stone with beveled edges, BrikStone can be used in patterns such as herringbone, basket weave and running bond.

Clay Brick Pavers  

Boxley’s clay brick pavers create a warm, classic look to your outdoor spaces. These paving options provide both function and fashion, able to withstand a number of traffic environments in an array of designs and patterns. Brick blends well alongside other hardscapes, making it a popular choice in tandem with wood decks and other paving materials.

Traditional Edge is one of our most popular clay brick pavers with its wire-cut, square edges and 4” by 8” dimensions. Rumbled pavers are tumbled after they’re fired, recreating the appearance of antique reclaimed pavers. They’re available in 2.75” thickness to be suitable for heavy vehicular traffic.