Plan For Fall With August Plantings

Plan For Fall With August Plantings

Fun With Flowers

Planting flowers is an easy way of adding splashes of vivid color to your patio area. Go with the traditional mums, Russian sage, pansies, beautyberry, aster, ornamental grasses and caryopteris – all of which will add some eye candy to your outdoor space.

Go Barking Up The Right Tree

Trees planted in late summer or fall can be perfect in the mid-Atlantic region because cooler temperatures mean they need less water. Trees that grow to a medium height may be best for patio areas, as their root systems won’t threaten your hardscapes. Consider options like Japanese maples or Sunburst honey locusts.

Plenty of Planters

Outdoor spaces that utilize the softening nature of plants grown in planters are simply more appealing and versatile than areas that are all hardscapes. Using tall planters or hanging baskets can vary the vegetation of your patio, creating a more visually interesting space. To discourage bees from congregating right beside seating areas, seek out more foliage-based plants rather than blooming ones.

Blend Structures With Nature

To soften the transition between sheds, garages or walkways and the outdoors, use them as a setting for plants and flowers. Vary heights, widths and colors to look more natural. Try potted ferns, small trees or shrubs to seamlessly blend the structure with the greenspace surrounding it. 

With a little planning and foresight, your outdoor space can bloom all season long. Get digging.