Preparing Your Hardscapes for Winter Weather

Preparing Your Hardscapes for Winter Weather

Clean your pavers

Sweep and power wash your paver surfaces to remove build-up. If you don’t have a power washer, spray the surface with a hose. This will reduce staining and help your bricks or concrete look great next summer.

Remove heavy items 

Your hardscapes may shift during the winter as the ground freezes and thaws. Heavy outdoor items such as grills and patio furniture can increase this shifting and cause cracks or uneven surfaces, so move these items elsewhere during the winter.    

Add joint sand to brick joints

If you have a brick or concrete paver surface, sweep polymeric sand between the joints if the sand level is low. This will reduce shifting and help drain water as the snow melts.  

Be careful with chemicals

The calcium chloride commonly added to ice melting mixtures can damage concrete and brick surfaces. Be sure to read the ingredients and warnings on any ice melting products before applying them to your hardscapes. 

Repair cracks

Water can get into cracks and freeze, which can cause them to increase in size. Repairing cracks before winter can prevent this from happening. 

Contact us for details about our selection of cleaning and maintenance products to keep your hardscapes in ideal condition.