Protect Your Pavers with Routine Maintenance

Protect Your Pavers with Routine Maintenance


Sweep your pavers regularly to remove dirt, grass and leaves. This prevents stains and uneven fading caused by the sun.Spray down your pavers with a hose. Make sure you don’t spray directly into joints since this can unsettle the sand.Stains can be scrubbed with a mixture of mild detergent and water. If you use a wire brush, test it out in a hidden area and check for surface damage before proceeding. Wash detergent away after cleaning.


Weeds growing between blocks can be removed by hand. Use a putty or weeding knife to help dig out these weeds. Be sure to extract as much of the weed and its roots as possible.Use a chemical herbicide to kill persistent weeds. An organic herbicide with fewer chemicals will reduce the environmental impact.


Seal the pavers every couple of years with a sealant designed specifically for pavers. Be sure to apply the sealant evenly. This will protect the surface from the weather while preventing stains from setting in.

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