Salem Main Street Improvements Feature Clay Streetscapes Pavers

Salem Main Street Improvements Feature Clay Streetscapes Pavers

The project is updating the city’s Main Street with paving sidewalks and crosswalks and distinguishing intersections with new streetscape clay pavers and creating a sense of continuity between the City of Salem and Roanoke College. Salem’s initial streetscape was designed using traditional concrete pavers in a deep, crimson color, but the color has faded over time due to use and weather, leading to discoloration throughout the Roanoke College campus.

To maintain continuity, Boxley’s Chuck Kepley recommended using fade-resistant streetscape clay cocoa pavers.  The design consists of interlocking sidewalk and crosswalk pavers featuring a red brick border by Pinehall and an Autumn blend of a rich, red color that doesn’t fade on outdoor pathway areas such as city sidewalks.

Chuck worked with Hill Studios (Landscape Architects), Mattern & Craig Engineering, and local maintenance planners to create an effective maintenance plan taking into account snow and rain.

The whole plan was presented to Assistant City Manager James Tallefero and the city council. There, Kepley collaborated with the City of Salem Maintenance Dept, Roanoke College, Hill Studios, and Mattern & Craig Engineering toward a final solution. Kepley presented a 4 X 6 layout to the city decision-makers, showing how the final design would look. The plan creates continuity between Roanoke College and the City of Salem.

Boxley Hardscapes is helping to direct the project, providing the streetscape clay pavers while coordinating with local organizations to execute the project. The Main Street improvements consists of 24,000 feet of paving done in two-phases, beginning at Roanoke College at College Avenue and extending through Main Street in Downtown Salem. The second phase is underway with an expected completion date of this Fall.

In addition to upgrading the city’s sidewalks and crosswalks, the project will create additional open space for restaurants and businesses. Paving will begin at College Avenue and Main Street, where parking will be removed on one side, lighting will be changed out, and planters will be removed to provide more space for the restaurants. The result will bring a fresh new face to the area while supporting the city’s original design theme for historic Roanoke College and the city of Salem.