Things to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Steps

Things to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Steps

Prep Work

Performing the correct prep work can mean the difference between flat, safe steps and ones that become uneven. Whether you’re doing your own installation or using a contractor, make sure the correct prep work is complete before installation begins.

What is their function?

Are these steps being added to provide easy access to a space, or are you installing them so you can move lawn furniture more easily? How often will you be using them? Is this an area that holds moisture? These questions will help you determine the width and depth of the steps, along with what type of material to use.

What safety measures need to be taken?

You may want to add a handle rail alongside steps that are on a steep slope, especially if children and seniors will be using them. Landings may also be necessary if there are twists and turns.


Like all landscape, you will need to perform some maintenance to your steps from time to time. Location, steepness and material all play a role in how often and how difficult it will be to properly maintain your steps.

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