Upgrade your Landscaping with Retaining Walls

Upgrade your Landscaping with Retaining Walls

Ways to Use Retaining Walls and Terracing

Many people only think of retaining walls as a way of holding back dirt. In reality, they can be incorporated into outdoor living spaces and serve multiple purposes. When you have a low-level patio in your backyard, barriers can create planting spaces and turn your patio into an oasis. Curved walls also add a touch of creative design and define the patio from the rest of the property.

Some people choose natural rock to build terraces and retailing walls, but manufactured stones and bricks are just as attractive and much easier to use. There is little guesswork during installation and they help keep each layer of rock level and unified.

It’s also easier to add patterns by using different colored stones and strategically arranging them throughout the barrier.

Benefits of Retaining Walls and Terracing

Terracing and retaining walls serve multiple purposes, including:

Boxley’s Nursery Stone, featured in the project pictured above, is ideal for garden walls, retaining walls, water features and many other projects. We also offer a variety of cap units to give your hardscapes a finished look.

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