Want to Go Green? Choose Brick for Sustainability

Want to Go Green? Choose Brick for Sustainability

Bricks Support Green Building Systems

The benefits of brick extend much further than just aesthetics, they’re a top choice for developers adhering to green building practices. A green building system is a type of construction that saves money, improves energy efficiency, lowers carbon emissions, and creates healthier places for people.  

Many builders participate in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating system, the gold standard for green building practices. Bricks—especially those fired in kilns fueled by natural gas—offer excellent sustainability, energy efficiency, and durability. Bricks last longer which means that there’s less repair and replacement and less waste over time. That’s why bricks are a top choice for home builders looking to go green.

Bricks Provide Superior Energy efficiency

Bricks provide excellent energy efficiency compared to other building materials like wood, steel, or glass. Thanks to their natural ability to insulate, brick structures maintain stable interior temperatures longer. For example, in the cold weather, bricks absorb and retain heat. Because less heat (or energy) leaks out of your home as compared to wood or glass, your central heating system runs less frequently. This in turn uses less fuel and saves you money. 

Brick helps lower the carbon footprint of your home season after season because it takes less energy to keep home interiors healthy and comfortable. 

Bricks Are Friendly to Recycling

One stand-out feature of bricks is sustainability. Clay bricks are made from clay, water, and sand and are 100% recyclable. Because bricks are so durable (the average life of a clay brick is 100 years), they lend themselves well to being repurposed and upcycled. If you have used bricks that are still holding their shape, they can be used for a multitude of projects like paving, retaining walls, and garden edging. 

 If your bricks have begun to degrade to the point that they are no longer usable in their present form, you can take them to a brick recycler. There, old bricks are crushed into gravel or ground down to sand for use on tennis courts, running tracks, or baseball diamonds. Some brick manufacturers even use recycled brick pieces to make new bricks!

Choose Brick for Sustainability

Brick is valued for its beauty, energy-efficiency and sustainability. If you’re thinking about building an eco-friendly home, then consider brick. Boxley Block, Brick & Hardscapes specializes in high-quality brick in hundreds of colors, styles, and shapes. Our expert professionals are standing by to help you find the perfect, sustainable product for your next project. Find block, brick, and hardscape inspiration in our project showcase.