Why Building With Brick Pays Off

Brick has a long history of being used as an attractive, durable, and (yes) cost-effective building material. Nationwide, the total construction cost of a 2700 square foot brick home was $101.40 per square foot only $2.00 more than wood & fiber cement.

Boxley Block, Brick and Hardscape Center offers a huge variety of brick options in a wide selection of shapes, colors, and textures to suit any style and building needs.

Benefits of Brick

Brick is especially more cost-effective when you take into account its many benefits, including:

These benefits mean clay brick will cost less over time, even if it costs slightly more than some materials upon construction. Other building materials require more maintenance and are more likely to be damaged or wear down from environmental factors. Unlike brick, many of the other materials are prone to extensive fire damage.

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