Why Choose Brick? Fire, Wind, and Storm Protection

Why Choose Brick? Fire, Wind, and Storm Protection

Brick Offers a Strong Defense Against Destructive Winds

High-force winds, tornadoes and hurricanes can obliterate entire neighborhoods. Dangers include not only high winds, but the debris that can smash windows and tear through walls. The good news is that brick homes have been shown to offer superior protection against high winds and debris. A Shelter from the Storm study conducted in 2004 by the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University tested various building materials against storm-force winds. The study showed that medium-sized objects traveling at 25 mph penetrated vinyl siding while brick homes withstood objects up to 80 mph. This exceeds the building codes in hurricane-prone areas like Florida!  

Brick Provides Superior Protection Against Fire

For centuries, people have valued brick for its superior fire-resistant properties. Clay bricks are strengthened by firing them to approximately 2000o Fahrenheit. As a result, bricks are considered a noncombustible material and aren’t even included in many home fire studies because can’t catch fire. In a traditional one-hour fire test, nothing outperforms brick. 

Brick Minimizes the Threat of Moisture Damage 

In addition to exceptional storm and fire protection, another brick benefit is that it offers homeowners defense against moisture damage that can accompany storms. In a 2008 study, brick was shown to perform better than 8 common wall assembly types at resisting mold, rot, and insect infestation. This is particularly important in humid climates and areas prone to storms. 

Find Your Perfect Brick at Boxley

Brick offers superior protection against common environmental threats—so much protection that you may even save on your insurance premiums! The benefits of brick are endless. In addition to durability, brick is also aesthetically versatile, making it easy to find a product that meets all your needs. Boxley Block, Brick and Hardscapes specializes in high-quality brick in hundreds of colors, styles, and shapes. Find block, brick, and hardscape inspiration in our project showcase today!