patio stepping stones made of slate

Buckingham® Slate Flagstone

Fade Resistant & Maintenance Free.

Buckingham® Slate flagstone and accessories take patios, walkways, pathways, and more from ordinary to extraordinary. Produced in Buckingham, Virginia, from one of the finest veins of slate in the world, this slate of rich black, grey, and blue shades won’t fade and is resilient to the toughest environments. Available in multiple patterns, shapes, and sizes.

patio chairs on a slate flagstone patio

Irregular Slate Flagstone

Irregular slate flagstone comes in two sizes, large and small. This slate product is made for patios and provides a random, rustic-looking pattern similar to stepping stones and pathways. 

Disclaimer: Irregular slate flagstone will vary in size and thickness due to Buckingham Slate’s natural properties. 

patio chairs on a slate flagstone patio

Dimensional Slate Flagstone

Buckingham Slate flagstone provide a distinct aesthetic for patios, walkways, driveways, and more. Choose from dimensional flagstone, irregular flagstone, mosaic flagstone, dry stack wall stone, and pathway flagstone, with all the accessories to complete your project.

pallet of slate flagstone pieces

Mosaic Slate Flagstone

Create points of interest in your outdoor living space by adding Buckingham Slate boulders, slabs, or landscaping stone. Boulders are available in sizes from small to large (200-2500 lbs). Slabs are available in sizes from small to large (4-8 inches high by 2-8 foot long).     

pathway made of slate flagstone pieces in the grass

Slate Pathway Flagstone

Buckingham Slate pathway flagstone is great for walkways, pathways, trails, and natural sidewalks. It provides a natural feel to your outdoor living landscape and blends well with the natural lay of the property. 

concrete block pillar topped with slate flagstone

Slate Pillar Caps

Buckingham Slate pillar caps add a finished and elegant touch to your outdoor living space. Available in two sizes, slate pillar caps are fade-resistant and maintenance-free.

Disclaimer: Size and thickness will vary for Buckingham Slate pillar caps due to the natural properties of the slate. 

retaining wall topped with slate

Slate Wall Caps

Buckingham Slate wall caps and will provide a finished and elegant look to your outdoor decorative walls. The chemical makeup of the slate allows it to be fade-resistant and maintenance-free unlike competing slate brands, which will last for over 150-years. 

Disclaimer: Due to the natural properties of Buckingham slate size, and thickness will vary. 

single piece of slate for a stair tread

Slate Stairs & Treads

The Roanoke and Lynchburg region has natural rolling hills, which are prevalent on many properties throughout the area. Buckingham Slate stair treads will add an elegant and functional appeal to your outdoor living landscape. 

Disclaimer: Due to the natural properties of Buckingham Slate, the size and thickness of stair treads will vary.

patio stepping stones made of slate

Slate Steppers

Buckingham Slate steppers will add a refined touch to any outdoor living space. Great for adding small pathways or walkways to and from your outdoor living space whether it’s embedded in stone, grass, or mulch. 

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