Alleyway Cobble™

Alleyway Cobble™ provides the appearance of an old granite paver that has been in the ground for centuries. This 4-piece system is crafted with a natural stone-cleft finish and rounded edge. It can be used as a standard paver or permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP), depending on how you install it.

Alleyway Cobble™ – Color Options

Alleyway Cobble Sandstone Blend Color

Sandstone Blend

Alleyway Cobble Granite Color


Alleyway Cobble™ – Block Units

4-Piece Unit

Alleyway Cobble™ – Specifications

Unit SizeHeightLengthWidthSq. Ft. / Pallet
Small3″6″ 2 3/8″80
Medium6″6″ 2 3/8″80
Large6″9″ 2 3/8″120
Extra Large9″9″ 2 3/8″50