StoneLedge™ 6 inch

StoneLedge™ is a double-sided, multi-sized, tapered unit system that provides the hand-finished look of quarried stone. It is ideal to construct retaining or freestanding walls, stairs, planters and terraced patios. No special equipment is required for installation and one person can comfortably handle these lightweight units.

StoneLedge™ 6 inch – Color Options




Coastal Tan

StoneLedge™ 6 inch – Block Units

StoneLedge small 6 inch block and brick for retaining walls.


StoneLedge 6 inch medium block unit.


StoneLedge large block unit.


StoneLedge™ 6 inch – Specifications

Unit Size Height Length Width Sq. Ft. / Piece Pieces/Pallet Weight Weight/Pallet
 Small Unit  6"  6"  10"  0.25 20 20 2670 lbs
 Medium Unit  6"  12"  10"  0.5 20 38
 Large Unit  6"  18"  10"  0.75 20 58

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